Weight Loss and Family Care Clinics


Gary Gramolini, D.O.


Dr. Gramolini has been helping patients lose weight for over 25 years.  His weight loss program has been used for over 50 years that combine safe and effective medications with instruction in nutrition and information necessary for weight reduction and permanent weight loss.  Many patients comment that they have been to other physicians who just hand out pills with no plan or instructions to guide them.  Dr. Gramolini will explain and spend the time to help the patient understand how to lose weight, use the medications, and be able to successfully keep the weight off.  Patients frequently say they have never had a physician spend the time to explain everything and “Now It Makes Sense”.



There are many fad diets.  There is only one way to lose weight.  You must eat less calories than what you burn off.  This does not mean you cannot enjoy what you eat.  This diet includes healthy choices that you like to eat within the calories that you need to lose your weight.  You are provided a diet to follow that counts the calories for you.  At the same time you are encouraged to experiment with other choices that you like.

Dr. Gramolini was born and raised in Lawton, OK.  He received a Bachelor of Science from the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oklahoma in 1974.  He graduated from the Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1978.  He did a rotating internship at the OSU Health Science Center.  Dr. Gramolini began Family Practice in 1979 in Tulsa, OK.  He is board certified in Family Practice.  He has performed obstetrics for 16 years.  He was an associate professor at the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine.  He has served on numerous boards and committees in the state association and at the OSU Medical Center.  These included the bureau on physician grievance, Intern training committee chairman, vice-president of the family practice department and board member of one of the first Independent Physician Associations in the state.  He has been a medical director at two nursing homes in Tulsa.  Also, he has been the medical director for Project-Get-Together, a free clinic in Tulsa.  Since 1986 he has also been practicing bariatric medicine in both Tulsa and Lawton along with his family practice in Tulsa.

Gary Gramolini, D.O.

Medications are used to control appetite in order to be consistent on a reduced calorie diet.  These combined with proper instructions can assist the motivation necessary to be successful in accomplishing your goals.  These medications can include phentermine, phendimetrazine and